Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January MOMs Recap

craft time by Sara

" out with the with the new..." NAME TAGS!

cake plate makin'

helpful hints on parenting by Chrissy

cake decorating demo by Meg

Jane and her buttercream ;)

Megan's Basic Buttercream :
1/2 c.melted real butter (margarine will make it look yellowed)
1/2 c. crisco
4 c. powdered sugar
splash of vanilla
splash of almond
1/4 water or milk
(any other clear flavorings can be added to taste,
such as lemon, orange, coconut,peppermint, etc.)
Cake Devo: "If you were a cake..."
1. If you were a cake, what flavor would you be?
2. Do you find yourself not appreciating the flavor that God made you and wishing you were red velvet even if God made you strawberry? Be grateful for the way God made you.
3. Find out what are good counterparts to your flavor; find friends who compliment your flavor and who you can compliment. Discover ways to compliment others (husband and children and friends) who might be opposite flavors than yourself.
4. If you were a cake, how are you layers?
5.If you are not allowing God to level you out and trim off the unuseable parts, it is evident in every part of our lives. Sometimes we can be a little over the top by ourselves, we need Christ to level us out and get us in line with him.
6. If you are not level, it doesn't matter how much "icing" or "decorations" we put on. Your physical and spiritual life will still seem out of balance and the whole thing may seem like it's going to tumble over. Just like a cake.
7.Do you have a hardened crust of bitterness, a lack of worship in your batter or an unbalanced schedule? Let God help you with your layers.
8. When we allow God to shape us and mold us and change our recipe, we will end up being a wonderfully flavored woman with even balanced layers that everyone can see was crafted with love, purpose and passion.


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