Friday, March 19, 2010

March MOMs Meeting Recap!

We had a great turnout today and a very fun time! Chrissy shared helpful hints on "spring cleaning." Hopefully we can put her hints to good use.

Melissa & Bethany filled in for Sara this month since she is in the process of moving into a new house. We wrapped twine around a flower pot and planted a tulip in it. Very cute for the spring season. Also went along nicely with our "home decor" theme. Thank you Melissa & Bethany for volunteering your time. You both did a great job!

Evelyn Denton was our guest speaker. She showed us new spring & summer decor and encouraged us to have a warm home and to throw in a few "fun" or "whimsical' decorations.
Evelyn also shared a devotion with us. Thank you Evelyn for giving your time!

Thanks to those who volunteered to make goodies for our childcare workers...
Month of April- Katy Van Es
Month of May- Karey Turnipseed

Thanks to those who volunteered to decorate a table for April MOMs...
1. Terri Palfreeman
2. Jane Goodman & Brandi Richardson
3. Bethany Walker
4. Ginger Cloud

Thanks to Amanda Johnson for volunteering to sub in for Chrissy next month with helpful hints. Don't forget to email your "helpful hints" to Email Amanda something that you think you are good at (organizing, planning meals, shopping for groceries, cleaning your home, discipline, prioritizing motherhood & marriage, etc.) or share anything that you think would be helpful advice for other moms in our group. (finding a good time for reading God's Word, finding time for a shower/getting ready, getting the family ready on Sunday morning, being involved in good things, but not over comitting, etc.) These are just a few topics that came to my mine, but it can be anything. Let's share our advice with each other so that we can learn from each other and know that we are not in this alone. It's hard work being a mom!

Next month, Connie Campbell will be our guest speaker. She will be speaking on "Teaching Your Children to Love God's Word." Mark your calendars now for Friday, April 16th.


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